(This article refers to the universes. For Princess Lana's home world, see the discussion in the Palace of Power article.)

Videoland is the name of separate video game-based universes in two separate continuities of Captain N: The Game Master.

Cartoon SeriesEdit

The video worlds in the cartoon series' Videoland are:

  1. Baseball World
  2. Bayouland
  3. Burger Time
  4. California Games
  5. Castlevania
  6. Dragons' Den
  7. Earthquake Warp Zone
  8. Excalibur
  9. Faxanadu
  10. Final Fantasy
  11. Garbage World
  12. Hoopland
  13. Hyrule
  14. Kongoland
  15. Marblopolis Studio World
  16. Megaland
  17. Metroid
  18. Mount Icarus
  19. News World
  20. Nightmare Zone
  21. Nottingham
  22. Pleasure Zone
  23. Punch-Out
  24. Puss 'N Boots
  25. Tetris
  26. Videoland
  27. Warp Zone to Oblivion

Comic Book SeriesEdit

The video worlds in the comic book series' Videoland are:

  1. Garbageworld
  2. Happy Zone
  3. Hyrule
  4. Kongoland
  5. Metroid
  6. Mount Olympus
  7. Pleasure Zone
  8. Prisonworld
  9. Punch-Out
  10. The Locker
  11. Video-Town
  12. Videoland
  13. Zebes

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