Totally Tetrisized
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date October 5, 1991
Written by Dorothy Middleton
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"Totally Tetrisized" is a Season 3 episode of Captain N: The Game Master. It is the fourth episode of the season and the thirty-first episode of the series.

The episode was written by Dorothy Middleton.

Plot SummaryEdit

The N Team returns to Tetris, where the Puzzle Wizard, a strange new villain, has been using a device to transform the citizens into Tetris blocks. It's up to the N Team to enter the Wizard's fortress and rescue the world.

Character AppearancesEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

N Team Forces of Chaos Others




  • Both Prince Lyle and Mayor Squaresly have different color schemes in this episode than the ones used in the Season 2 episode "The Trouble With Tetris", though their overall designs are the same.



  • Simon gets zapped by the Puzzle Wizard's ray before Mayor Squaresly does, yet he's still in block form (and being used as a doorstop) at the end of the episode. Why does he take so much longer to return to normal than the mayor does?

Variants and AlterationsEdit

None known.

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