Peace-Keeping Robot

The Peacekeeping Robot is a joint creation of Dr. Wright and Dr. Wily. It is loosely based on Gamma, the final boss of Mega Man 3.


When Dr. Wright and Dr. Wily formed an alliance to bring peace to Videoland, they celebrated it by collaborating to build the Peacekeeping Robot. Dr. Wily, however, had a hidden agenda, and kidnapped Duke and Rush once Kevin Keene and Mega Man retrieved the last of the Energy Tanks needed to power the Peacekeeping Robot. He hijacked the robot while they were distracted, and was waiting to greet Dr. Wright and the two N Team members when they freed their dogs from Doc Robot and escaped from Skull Castle. Rush and Duke worked together to stop Dr. Wily, dropping a stone and a hive of Robo-Bees into the Peacekeeping Robot's cockpit. Dr. Wily lost control of the robot while running from the Robo-Bees, causing it to run around in circles until it tripped and fell. He then fled from the disabled robot's cockpit and ran off into the distance with the Robo-Bees close behind him.



The Peacekeeping Robot is rounder and more comical in appearance than its video game counterpart, which resembled a humanoid giant with a horned helmet and spiked knuckles.


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