Once Upon a Time Machine
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date November 17, 1990
Written by Michael Maurer and Matt Uitz
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"Once Upon a Time Machine" is a Season 2 episode of Captain N: The Game Master. It is the seventh episode of the season and the twentieth episode of the series.

The episode was cowritten by Michael Maurer and Matt Uitz.

Plot summaryEdit

A couple of villains steal Kevin's Power Pad and Zapper to power their time machine while he is on a picnic on Hyrule. Kevin and Link set out on an adventure to get them back, teaming up with Pero, a time-travelling cat. But it's going to be a tough journey for Kevin, who doesn't have the weapons he has become so used to.

Character appearancesEdit

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Pero the Cat

  • The characters unique to this episode come from "Puss in Boots" (though the episode is, naturally, based on the NES video game adaptation).
  • Pero the Cat is the mascot for Toei Animation, one of the biggest and most successful animation studios in Japan. It is known for its popular and long-running anime series such as Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Pretty Cure/Glitter Force. It also produces live action series, such as the long-running Super Sentai and Kamen Rider.
    • Furthermore, the game on which this episode is based was loosely based on the Toei Animation films. As a result, Pero the Cat, Count Gruemon, and Dr. Gari-Gari have drastically different designs and look nothing like their Toei Animation counterparts.
  • Although King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard are absent in this episode, their voice actors Garry Chalk and Mike Donovan both voice Count Gruemon and Dr. Gari-Gari (respectively).
  • Ian James Corlett (who voices Dr. Wily in Captain N) voices Pero the Cat in this episode, and would later use a similar voice for Mega Man in the 1994 Ruby Spears Mega Man cartoon.
  • The mechanical frog appears in this episode, but the color scheme is different.
  • The python also appears in this episode, but is in the water instead of being a flying snake. It also appears to be organic instead of mechanical.
  • The boomerang, bomb, torpedoes, and missiles appear in this episode.
  • The vehicle Count Gruemon was riding is actually the vehicle the cat enemies ride on in the airplane stage in the game.
  • The Statue of Liberty has a cat face instead of the Lady Liberty face that appeared in the ending of the game.
  • The horse that Pero rides on in the game appears in this episode.
  • The airplane is the only vehicle that appeared in this episode.
  • Writer Michael Maurer recycled the episode title from the Pandamonium episode written by his brother, Jeffrey Scott, in 1982 and would recycle it again in Season 4 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1991.
  • Mega Man was present with both Kid Icarus and Simon at the end of the episode, but he had no spoken dialogue.





  • When the time machine lifts off, Zelda's skirt disappears. There's also a piece of cloth on her leg that appears and disappears in plain sight during the same scene.
  • Kevin is briefly drawn with his Power Pad and Zapper during the scenes on the ship.
  • Long John Slither's face is solid green in some shots and green and brown in others.



  • When the missile strikes the airplane, it plummets straight down with a very cartoonish sound effect playing. In the scenes that immediately follow, however, they are "going down" but still have some control.

Variants and alterationsEdit

None known.