Long John Slither
Long John Slither Constricting Pero

Long John Slither constricting Pero

Long John Slither is an anthropomorphic snake and pirate captain from an unnamed world in Videoland. He wears a patch over his left eye and a hook on his tail.


Long John Slither was the captain of a pirate ship on which Kevin Keene, Link, and Pero found themselves after leaping through a warp. He believed Pero's lie that they were looking for treasure on Skull Island, and took their map when Count Gruemon's henchcats sneaked aboard the ship and made him slip on a bar of soap. Pero, however, took the map back and cut the rigging as Long John Slither and two of his crew members climbed after him, dumping the pirates into the ocean.



Long John Slither's name is a play on Long John Silver, the main antagonist of Treasure Island.

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