Guts Man is one of the Robot Masters from the original NES Mega Man game. He was designed by Dr. Wright and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily.


Guts Man was waiting to ambush the N Team (Kevin Keene, Princess Lana, Duke and Mega Man) within the corridors of Cuts Man's domain. He sought to attack Kevin from behind, only to be defeated with a blast from his Zapper.

He was recreated along with the other Robot Masters through the use of the Three Sacred Treasures, but was defeated when the treasures were destroyed by Kid Icarus' newly acquired Fire Arrow.



  • In Mega Man, Guts Man wears a helmet, has larger forearms, and does not use blue in his color palette.
  • Guts Man (along with Cut Man) is a regular in the short-lived Mega Man cartoon from Ruby-Spears. He was voiced by Garry Chalk, who also voiced King Hippo on Captain N.

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