Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright (referred to in other media as Dr. Light or Dr. Right) is the scientist who built Mega Man. He is loosely based on Dr. Thomas Light, a supporting character from Mega Man and its sequels. Like his rival Dr. Wily, he is voiced by Ian James Corlett.


Aside from Mega Man, Dr. Wright is responsible for inventing Mega Girl and a variety of other useful things, and is one of the N Team's most valuable allies. Kevin Keene/Captain N first meets him in "Mega Trouble For Megaland."

While he is rarely a major player in any episode, he offers invaluable support to the N Team. In "Happy Birthday, Megaman," it was his inflatable boat they used to cross the sea. In "Germ Wars," it was Wright who monitored Kevin's health and status and told the N Team about the magic mantra that they would need to administer the Magic Elixir.



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