Dr. Willy

Dr. Wily (referred to in other media as Dr. Willy) is a character in the cartoon continuity of Captain N: The Game Master. He is loosely based on Dr. Albert Wily, the main antagonist of Mega Man and its sequels.

Dr. Wily is a member of the Forces of Chaos. He works for Mother Brain along with King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard, though he usually works on his own projects or assists Mother Brain directly rather than working with her less intelligent minions. He is voiced by Ian James Corlett.



Dr. Wily is a mad scientist from Megaland and the primary foe of Mega Man. He invents many weapons and devices for the villains, but his main forte is creating killer robots. He also has a rivalry with Dr. Wright and was responsible for reprogramming his original Robot Masters.

Dr. Wily often wheezes when he talks.


  • Scientific Knowledge: Dr. Wily has vast knowledge of many scientific disciplines, including biology and neurology, which he uses when making his inventions. He can even create living beings, such as the Swamp Creature.
  • Roboticist: Dr. Wily can build and program robots for various purposes, including his own Robot Masters and Doc Robot.


Dr. Wily doesn't appear in the comic.


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