Gruemon's henchcats

Count Gruemon's henchcats are anthropomorphic cats from an unnamed world in Videoland. They work for Count Gruemon and are based on the Killers from Puss 'n Boots: Pero's Great Adventure.


Pero made mortal enemies of the henchcats by saving a mouse from them. They caught up to him in a saloon and tied him up, but Kevin Keene and Link rescued him and escaped. The henchcats disguised themselves as pirates and royal guards to follow Pero and his companions and report their movements to Count Gruemon.

Despite falling out of the timeship when Gruemon flew erratically to shake Kevin off, the henchcats appeared at the victory celebration. They grabbed hold of Dr. Gari-Gari as Pero flew away in the stolen timeship, and were still stuck in the sand as he ran off into the desert.


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