Bayou Billy

Bayou Billy in "How's Bayou"


Bayou Billy with Loafer and his vehicle in "Having a Ball"

Bayou Billy is a resident of Bayouland in Videoland. He is based on the protagonist of The Adventures of Bayou Billy.


In the video game, Bayou Billy was originally Billy West, a man who had been attacked by Louisiana gangsters and left for dead in the bayou. Through the help of a Haitian swamp dweller, Bayou Billy learned to survive in the swamps as well as nonviolent ways for dealing with alligators. Bayou Billy eventually returned to civilization and married a woman named Annabelle. However, the gangsters also learned of his survival, and sought to draw him out by kidnapping Annabelle. Bayou Billy fights through the bayou, then on to Bourbon Street, finally confronting Gordon, the gang leader, in his mansion.


Bayou Billy appeared with Loafer, his pet alligator. He taught Kevin how to survive in Bayouland and helped him find Duke, who came to his world while chasing a robotic cat through the Palace of Power.



  • Bayou Billy's appearance and behavior seem to be inspired by Crocodile Dundee. See next section for details.
  • "Bayou Billy" is a name often associated with Cajun products, such as Bayou Billy's Snow Cream and Bayou Billy's Homebrew Soda.


Captainn howsbayou billy01 150dpi by filbarlow-d9ji3gs

Fil Barlow's original character design for Bayou Billy

The initial character design for the Captain N version of Bayou Billy was done by Fil Barlow. Although he did conceptual character designs that Captain N were based off, the only episode that he worked on was "How's Bayou". He designed all of the monsters and characters for that episode. Billy was a caricature of an artist that had been part of his team on ALF and was now heading the designs on Captain N in his absence (Fil was back in Australia, sending designs via fax).

Captain N didn't air in Australia, so he never saw how the episode turned out until he caught it on YouTube a few years ago. The artist had turned the tables on him; Billy had became a "Crocodile Dundee" clone, which the artist knew Fil disliked as an Australian stereotype. He got Fil good for caricaturing him in the first place.

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